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Viennese waffles
with whipped cream

Unique sweet smell of Viennese waffles
suits atmosphere of the capital of Austria.
Small European restaurants, intimate coffee shops,
serenity – and this unforgettable flavour.

Viennese waffles
with whipped cream and cherries

Yin and Yang, a play of contrasts-
tender cream and cherries that are
personification of summer and that
emphasize and complete each other.
Such a familiar combination of flavor
of whipped cream and ripe cherries pieces
that adds a special slightly sour
taste to the flavor of cream filling.

  • whipped cream
  • whipped cream and cherry

whipped filling

Airy whipped filling perfectly completes
and emphasizes a tender flavor
of Viennese waffles and creates atmosphere full of magic.
Soft waffles with whipped cream
from Akulchev are one more reason
for a family to gather together for tea time.

Enjoy something new

Flavorful well-known Viennese waffles baked until ruddy can perfectly combine with an ice-cream scoop, berries, jam or chocolate crumbs. It is an excellent possibility to reveal new tinges of flavor for you each time. Try to bake for yourself and for your relatives and friends a new Viennese waffle dessert. Most restless sweet tooths and their friends will like it absolutely.