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Waffle cookies

Waffle cookies
Crumbly waffles with cream flavor
of a unique oval shape and
ornately shaped edges are first
Belgian waffles in Russia.
Baked until ruddy and being rich,
they just melt in mouth!
This is a traditional European dainty
from Akulchev: feel a taste of life, touch a secret…

Waffle cookies with peanuts

Crubly cream cookies with rich natural
peanuts preferred so much from childhood up.
They perfectly suit tea, juice or milk.
Aromatic and crisp cookies make you crazy
for them at first sight. They have a rich flavor
which both grown-ups and children like so much.

Waffle cookies with cacao

Oval-shaped chocolate waffles remind you
of a flavor of your grandmother’s
crumbly cookies and hot cacao that are well-known
from childhood up. This excellent treat
for friends can make any evening more glamorous.

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Favorite taste

When you have a minute for a rest during a busy day, this moment will be perfect with a cup of aromatic tea and waffle cookies. Crumbly waffles with cream flavor of a peculiar oval shape and ornately shaped edges are first Belgian waffles in Russia..

Traditional Belgian recipes

Traditional Belgian recipes
Oval-shaped crisp waffles serve as best traditions
of quality from Belgian candy-makers.
Peanut or cacao makes a classical flavor
of cream waffles more various.
Crisp waffles differ through their
crispness and tenderness and they are
traditionally served with sweet fillings.