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Soft cream waffles

First Russian classic soft waffles
without filling were manufactured under
Akulchev trade mark and they kept intact
an original recipe of Austrian candy-makers.
It is impossible not to try such a delicious thing,
because it is a small sweet masterpiece!

Rich cream flavor

Only fresh products are used for
baking soft waffles: flour, eggs and cream
owing to which it is possible to get
a well-known flavor of Viennese waffles.
This delicious food was considered to be rather
expensive during many centuries and its recipe has been
kept secret during many years. They are soft, tender,
airy and they are able to surprise and excite:
they are so delicious, as if they were baked at home!

Imagine, create, surprise

Why not to create something delicious according
to your own taste? For a mother there is a dessert with fruits,
for a father there is a dessert with chocolate, for their kids
there is a dessert with tender cream. Make an impression
on your friends and relatives by a peculiar soft waffles
dessert that is worth appreciation of a real chef de cuisine.