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Kupelka with huckleberries

Sugar cookies that melt in mouth
and have a shape of mini-wraps with huckleberry
jam have a flavor of fresh forest berries
and you have this taste of forest berries during the whole year.
Huckleberries have always been appreciated
for their healing qualities and their pleasant slightly
sour taste perfectly suits sweet bakery food.

Kupelka with raspberries

Nature itself has inspired Akulchev
masters to create Kupelka with raspberries.
Sugar cookies looking like mini-wraps filled
with raspberry jam are a good company for tea-time.

Kupelka with dried plums

It is a good idea to take Kupelka with dried plums
having a shape of a tiny wrap with rich flavor
of juicy south fruit as a present for guests.
Friendly company, aromatic tea, sincere talks – what can be better?

  • with huckleberries
  • with raspberries
  • with dried plums

Berry filling

For manufacture of Kupelka cookies only that jam
is used which quality has been verified by a strict
control of quality standards. Natural berries,
raspberries or dried plums make the flavor
of cookies richer and more aromatic.

Tender shortbread dough

Shortbread dough is probably the tenderest
and crispest among all others. Only fresh ingredients
are used to bake it: eggs, sugar, flour and a lot of
butter due to which you get an impression as if it melts in mouth.

Butter sweetmeat

Sugar cookies looking like a tiny wrap
with fruit or berry jam, taste of which will be
appreciated by those who like butter pastry.
Once tried not only children, but also their
parents become admirer of this dainty.