We make surprises

We make surprises

Pioneers, not followers

In 2004, the company Akulchev launched production of Viennese waffles according to a specially developed recipe. It was an all-new product in Russia! Since then, making surprises became our rule. Our confectioners make discoveries with each new product.

We build open and honest relationship

No innuendo or doublespeak allowed.

We are honest with our business partners. Such attitude to work has helped Akulchev establish cooperation with distributors in every region of Russia and find the best raw suppliers.

We unveil talents

A happy team can make a company better. In the company Akulchev, it is customary to help employees. We encourage insistence and initiative, creating healthy environment for work and development.

Romanova Minnegul
Andrianov Artur
Karimov Aidar
Zamashchikova Svetlana

We do good

We believe that it is our duty to help others. We always find ways to help people, our native city and the region. We cooperate with charity funds. We sponsor the city events. We help the state restore its historical heritage.